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By Kit Flynn


March 5, 2015

We are very excited to begin our next round of focus studies on Monday, March 23rd. The booklet of choices is coming home with this week’s packet, so be sure to check out the many great options. Thank you so much to the parents who have volunteered to organize, run or help with a focus study! Registration sheets are due on Tuesday, March 10th.

This winter weather is a challenge! Please continue to send your children to school with appropriate outdoor gear – we go out whenever the temperature/wind chill is 0 or above. We can tell when kids don’t get a chance for fresh air – and it makes a difference. The calendar says spring comes on March 20th. Let’s hope it’s true.

Many of our students have been fortunate to participate this week in the River Residency Project through the UM Natural History Museum. “Bring a river into your school with the Museum’s 12-foot stream simulation table! The U-M Museum of Natural History offers workshops providing students hands-on opportunities to explore how water flows, erosion, effects of flooding, the consequences of human activities on water quality, and much more.  Students work in small groups and record their observations in accompanying student journals.”

Between this project and our salmon babies in the front lobby, we are immersed (pardon the pun) in learning about the world of water and its inhabitants.






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