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By Kit Flynn


May 6, 2015

As we get caught up in all that is Spring and the final portion of the school year, please remember to complete the class placement forms. We are seeking input from families about next year’s class configurations. We strongly encourage you to send us your input, but please remember that while your job is to advocate for your children, the job of the staff is to advocate for all of our students at the same time. Specific requests for meetings regarding placement are not fair – if we can’t provide that kind of special access for all, we cannot provide it for some. Your written form is the vehicle for your input. Direct teacher requests cannot be honored. At most grade levels, we have four homerooms.

When you ask for one specific teacher, you need to remember that there is only a ~25% chance that your request might be honored. We have over 55 students per grade. Because A2O is a multi-graded program, any one teacher might have only 12-14 spots for new students. Giving us the many other pieces of information we require allows us to carefully consider all of your child’s needs and to be fair to all children.







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