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By Kit Flynn


October 8, 2014

Dear Ann Arbor Open Students and Staff –

Included is our first registration sheet for focus studies! We are excited to be planning our first session for October 27th -31st. As you read through the list, please pay special attention to grade levels for each class to make sure your selections are appropriate. Students should indicate their interest in several choices by making a check mark on the line provided near the title of each focus study. We have over 500 students, and many courses only have 12-15 slots. So it’s important to be flexible. Please select at least five choices. Check as many focus studies as you wish! You may indicate your preferences by placing a star next to your top choices. Focus Studies are a chance to not only study a favorite topic, but to expand students’ interests and knowledge. We make every effort to see that students are placed in a class that they are truly interested in, but since class size is limited, everyone needs to be open to a range of possibilities.

To make sure that we have time to create the rosters for Focus Studies, these forms should be returned by Monday, October 13th. Students who have not returned the forms by then will be asked to fill them out at school, so please take a few moments in the next day or two to review these exciting opportunities with your children, and help them to make good choices.


We have become aware that many current email providers (aol, yahoo and gmail at least) are choosing to deliver emails with the domain directly into spam folders. If you are not regularly receiving emails from Dr. Swift, Liz Margolis, school messenger, or any of the A2O staff, you may need to add these contacts to your address book.


Regarding Power School parent information - go to the AAPS web site, click on
the "Parents" link and follow the directions listed under the PowerSchool logo. Please consider checking Power School to ensure that your current contact information is correct.  If you have opted out of any AAPS emails, you are probably not receiving A2Open emails either.  If you have updates that need to be made, follow the directions on how to make the change request in PowerSchool and the office will make corrections.


The Hikone Visits have begun! Our sister city in Japan sent a group of young adults and two chaperones to visit Ann Arbor, and yesterday the district-wide welcome was held at Scarlett. On Thursday, the group will visit Ann Arbor Open School to learn about our program. Later this month, our student delegates will visit Japan to experience education and culture in a far different system – we can’t wait to hear their reports.






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