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By Kit Flynn


November 19, 2014

Dear Families –

  • AAPS is currently hosting educators from Singapore & Toyota’s International Educators Program, as part of an “educator exchange.” For two years, groups of AAPS administrators, teachers, and curriculum leaders have visited Singapore to learn more about their education system. For the first time, a delegation from Singapore is visiting us. Ann Arbor Open was chosen as one of two primary grade schools to host the visitors. I have never been so proud of our students and staff as I was last Friday when they visited! Many parents and staff members (Karen Davis, Kathy Rinehart, Pam Skiff, Greg Horvath & Sarah Pinkleman get a special shout out!) worked so hard to help us get our building spruced up for the visit. “The Singaporean's were very engaged and mentioned how they were impressed by the thoughtful questions the students asked them.” Our innovation, dedication to knowing our students personally, and our hospitality were all remarked upon. See this link for some photos:

  • All children in grades K-8 will receive a report card on Tuesday, November 25th in their backpacks. Please take time to review this report with your child, to celebrate successes and set goals for academic growth as well.
  • Grades K-6: Attendance records can be found in the upper right hand corner of the first page of the report card.  Absences and Tardy totals are listed so you can check your child’s attendance in school through the first report card marking period.  Grades 7-8: Parents will need to log in to PowerSchool to check attendance records for students. Some families are also receiving a district communication in the report card packet today, specifically outlining the expectations for attendance. Since school began, we have a far-too-large number of students who have been tardy more than 20 times so far. Every minute that a child is late for school is an issue – for the stress it adds to the family’s morning, for the disruption it causes when a child enters class late, for the missed social connections that happen during the first several minutes of the day, and for the teachers who must manage to find time to repeat instruction that is missed by tardy students. Please re-set alarms and do all you can to see that your children are here, and ready to learn, by 8:01 am.   It matters.
  • Some parking lot explanations I’ve been asked to clarify: The driveways marked “one way” are actually ONE WAY. Please do not enter those clearly marked exits. When you come in the Red Oak driveway, the 20 or so parking spots that surround the “island” are for staff parking only. There are signs clearly marking these spots as Staff Parking. The only spots within the Red Oak parking lot open for parent parking are those along the north end of the lot, bordering the basketball court. We continue to have kids and parents walking through the traffic lanes – this may be part of that issue. Please park along the outer edge of the parking lot, and walk north to the sidewalk rather than crossing through two or three lanes of traffic. Please fill up the drop off lane, help your children exit the car as quickly as possible, and be patient while waiting for your turn to drop off. Safety is our priority. When the system works, it works well.
  • Please remember that AAPS Board of Education policy states, “As employees of the district, individuals shall not accept gifts of more than token value from students, or their parents or guardians, or from vendors or businesses (exception: gifts to a retiring or resigned employee).”
  • Please enjoy the Thanksgiving Break with your families – there is no school Wednesday – Friday, November 26th-28th.
  • Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday – complicated history, complicated travel, complicated family dynamics, and complicated cooking! But gratitude is not complicated. As we head into the Thanksgiving Day break, I am reminded of the many blessings for which I am grateful. Professionally, I am grateful to work in a school with curious, engaged students; dedicated, passionate staff members; and persistent, caring parents. Thank you for your contributions to the Ann Arbor Open School community.
  • The writer Goethe said, “If we meet someone who owes us thanks, we right away remember that. But how often do we meet someone to whom we owe thanks without remembering that?” I hope we all remember someone to whom we owe thanks this week, and offer those thanks freely.






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