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 Principal: Kit Flynn




By Kit Flynn


August 25, 2014

Dear Ann Arbor Open Students and Staff –

I’m so excited to begin this school year! We have been working hard to prepare for a new year, and are happy to welcome everyone back to school. This welcome packet contains many documents, individual announcements, and important information. Please take time to read through it carefully. We look forward to seeing everyone bright and early on Tuesday, September 2nd. Our bell will ring at 8:01 am so please plan accordingly. For the first day, we encourage parents and family members to drop off students in their classrooms, and then join us in the media center for bagels and beverages.

I’d like to formally welcome Dr. Chris Curtis to our staff! We are thrilled for this opportunity to work together on behalf of the A2O community. Chris is a long time open/alternative school proponent, and is very familiar with our program since his own children attend our school! He brings strengths and ideas that will be a great addition, and staff members are pleased to know that both Chris and I will be here to support them.

Following is a greeting from Chris – and both of us are very much looking forward to seeing everyone next week.


It is challenging to put into words how excited I am to be joining the staff at Ann Arbor Open!  I have been blessed to have my children attend school here since Kindergarten. I have also participated in two of the annual conferences. As a proud parent, I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know some of you over the years. The connections I have to this community make it all the more amazing that I find myself in the unanticipated opportunity to become an even larger part of it.

It seems likely that you are wondering, so, how did this come to be? The second week in August, Dr. Swift asked me to meet with her, at which time, she asked me to accept a “special assignment” starting immediately. She went on to say that the K-8 STEAM program and the K-8 Open School were critically important to the success of the district. She shared with me several aspects of my professional experience that she felt would bring strength to Ann Arbor Open. Among these, she cited my experience with Middle School, my years of experience in an alternative setting, my skills and interest in technology, and other areas of good fit. I could barely believe my ears when I was finished listening to her outline this special assignment to support and bolster Ann Arbor Open! Despite the fact that I enjoyed my role as Principal at Slauson, I eagerly accepted this position.

I could not have imagined the scenario enabling me to join this wonderful school, my children’s school, and home to a fine group of parents, teachers and staff members that share similar beliefs about education and schools. The chance to experience the Elementary level, the opportunity to work with Kit, my long time friend and colleague, and a return to the strong bond of community that this school provides is absolutely stunning! In addition to my role as parent, I am very happy to join this staff and look forward to a great year working together!





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